An excellent history,
from field to table

A small taste will let you be conquered by our products, but a life is not enough to describe how much passion and care we invest every day in order to create these taste excellences.

Tutto nasce da radici profonde nel territorio

Everything starts from our deep roots in the territory

To join the world of Masseria Li Gatti it’s important to start from the strong relationship with Daunia land, in the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Dalla terra crescono ogni giorno doni e passione

Everyday from the land we have gifts and passion

Nothing can be left to change, for this reason we control the production chain.

Con il nostro raccolto ci prendiamo cura dei capi

With our harvest we look after our animals

The respect and the care for our animals make our milk extraordinary.

Amore per la qualità, senza compromessi

Love for quality, without compromises

It’s the attention for the animals’ nutrition to make a difference: we aspire to healthy fodders of our production.

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